About our Founder

Ward Lacey III

Director of Operations, Empire NoLimit Investments, BBA, CREI, NSBA Leadership Council Member, SDVOSB, VOSB, HUBZONE CERTIFIED, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Certified Rehab Specialist, Bachelor Of Business Administration Marketing, Associate Arts Of Small Business Management & United States Veteran.

Ongoing education and hands on training at The Online Trading Academy, Orange County, CA and Fortune Builders Real Estate, San Diego, CA, Lee Arnold Systems of Real Estate & Scott Yancy Real Estate Training and more.

Over 25 years experience in Small Business Development, Marketing Strategy, Advertising and Small Business Management.  Severed in the United States Army, enlisted 1978 – Disabled.

After military service, became a Quality Control Engineer in Aerospace, work on Aerospace projects with Boeing, Northrop, Teledyne, McDonald Douglas, Lockheed Martin,  Raytheon, General Electric and Bristol Aerospace in Canada. Retired at 50 years old.

His career changed in 1995 and he became an Entrepreneur. Ward  founded the On Target Marketing Corporation. He worked on marketing projects with Microsoft, Peet’s Coffee, Nintendo, Mckesson Pharmaceutical, Sparkletts Division and many more.

Later his vision shifted toward Philanthropy.  Once in need of the very same services (Ward’s Story), USA-Vets was founded.  In an effort to bridge the gap for military men and women returning home.  Provided services and referral services, such as housing, clothing, entitled benefits counseling and more.

Taking a break from USA-VETS UNITY, he then wrote an all inclusive Real Estate Investing Program, and launched a Real Estate Acquisition Company.

Now, back to both fields and moving forward non-stop.

He serves his community, the city of Adelanto, Ca through Kingdom Life Christian Center, Another Level For Women and USA-VETS UNITY and other community non-profit organizations.

Ward was born November 28, 1960 in St. Louis Mo.  His wife is Tamara Lacey, she is the CEO of Empire NoLimit Investments, Accountant Supervisor for El Dorado National, one of the largest manufacturers leaders in multi-passenger vehicles in the U.S.

He is the father of two daughters, two sons, two step children.  Two of, which are Nurses and entrepreneurs.