Donations & Grants Help to End Veteran Homelessness

On July 17th 2012, Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki announced that almost 100 million dollars had been allocated in grants to organizations such as The Veterans Affordable Housing Program help fight homelessness in American veterans. This move by the administration should provide relief to nearly 42,000 homeless and at-risk Veterans, as well as their families, across 49 states.

The new government act, known as the Supportive Services for Veteran Families program, will provide grants to non-profit organizations and community programs which seek to provide veterans with low-income housing. The Veterans Affordable Housing Program is one such program, and has been operating on limited grants and contributions from concerned citizens and veterans. These grants will help provide rent relief, utility payments, down payment and security deposit assistance, and more.

“We are committed to ending Veteran homelessness in America,” states Shinseki. This is the second year for this program, which has almost doubled in capacity. Last year the program only had 60 million dollars to help end veteran homelessness. Started initially in 2009, this latest cooperation between the VA and local community programs is part of President Obama’s overall promise to end homelessness in veterans by the year 2015. Reports from the VA have found a decline in veteran homelessness since January 2010.

If you are a veteran and face complicated times, The Veterans Affordable Housing Program is ready to help you find a home now. The Veterans Affordable Housing Program was created to help vets in times of need, and is dedicated to helping low and moderate income, disabled, or transitioning veterans and their families find affordable housing in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Washington. We can help you by providing rent relief, down payment assistance, reduced-cost housing, subsidies, and more. Please contact us if you, or somebody you know, is a veteran and is in need of housing assistance.

Helping Veterans with the Veterans Affordable Housing Program…

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