Providing Housing, Transitional and Permanent Homes, Along With Daily Living Services for those who served, their families and surrounding communities.

What is very important to Ward is to help provide lodging near hospitals  and transportation to and from.  He found that, when he was a Cancer patient, his treatment was in Brentwood, Ca V.A. Hospital, far from home and far from family. He stated that it is very costly to stay at a nearby hotel along with daily meals.

USA- VETS is a not for profit organization that work with other community non-profit organizations and partner under a 501(c3).

USA-VETS was established in Washington, Seattle in 2001.  Helping to bridge the gap for returning soldiers transition into civilian living and homeless veterans in transit.

Now re-established in the High Desert of Southern California as,  USA-VETS NETWORK.  Founded by Ward Lacey III, a United States Disabled Veteran.

Having been homeless and uninformed of Veteran Benefits, qualifications and guidelines for mental health services, primary medical care and housing and transitional housing.  

Ward lived and experienced the entire process.  He said ” It was very tough. The worry, the wait, the travels and especially the timing.”  He further stated “Trying to get to one place to another by foot and city bus without bus fare in most cases. 

You would get appointments all over town and in most cases to be told to comeback or we no longer provide that service, go here instead and they maybe able to help you.”

After talking with several Veterans during his journey, Ward  recognized the need for someone or some service provider members needed to be more hands on. 

A service that will take control of your situation and be accountable along with the Veteran for his or her success in accessing the services needed.  To help in ones efforts to gain true independence.

With this in mind and armed with education of the Veteran Administration system, information and an array of service providers and programs. Ward took action.

Ward began going to the library during the day to use their office equipment, taking breaks to travel across town to eat a hot meal and then returning to the library to continue his vision to help other Veterans alike.

Ward stated “It was hard, once again the timing and travel. I had to return to the shelter by a certain time in order to get a bed to sleep in that night. Some days was better than others depending on the time of the month. The lines could be extremely long or awesomely short to get a bed.”

After weeks of research and legal business studies, USA-VETS was established a Veteran Non Profit Corporation.

Seattle Urban League, located downtown Seattle, Washington was so kind to allow Ward to use a portion of their office space to set up his company.

USA VETS (NPO) Corporation began offering deserving veterans and their families, though they cannot regain what they lost defending our country, but USA-VETS can give them a new start in building a solid foundation for their future and a good chance at living an independent life.

USA-VETS began bringing in individuals to help with this mission, by taking it to the streets, handing out flyers, going to shelters, speaking to groups and talking with Veterans on the streets and at the Veterans Hospitals. Ward was voted the most successful entrepreneur for that year by the Seattle, Washington Urban League.


  Now today, located in the High Desert USA-VETS NETWORK, We work alongside established veteran support and community organizations, we offer: transitional, long term and permanent housing. V.A. claim and benefit assistance, clothing, groceries, personal hygiene care products, automobile gas cards and a variety of other gift cards, city bus passes, mental health counseling, employment, job training and legal assistance referrals.